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It is no secret that oil and gas continue to be two of the most finite resources. We have been granted the global opportunity of discovering and utilising to meet energy needs. We are aware of its unpredictable rising in costs that may be of harm to your business and the alarming risk of working with those to your employees. We acknowledge that. Therefore, we are here to work with you to overcome these difficulties together. This is our approach:

First, we learn the Problem.

Our evaluative processes are executed by the highly qualified experts under SVP. We are responsible for examining every crevice of your problem with care, as well as communicating and discussing them thoroughly with our clients in order to secure fruitful results.

Then, we solve the problem.

With a wide spectrum of high quality equipment and potent chemical solutions, we are able to intervene fully-equipped. Our primary aim is to cement any complication with carefully selected solutions that are most effective, in terms of cost and time, to satisfy your company’s expectations. Combined with our exceptional management network with the hundreds of dedicated individuals, we will ensure successful implementation of the most optimal panacea for you.

However, our services do not stop there. Notably investing in product and technology development, we intend to expand our horizons and invent a greater assortment of effectual remedies to cater to more intricate drawbacks.

We are delighted to say that we have been and currently are working hand-in-hand with a grand scope of organisations, big and small, throughout West and East Malaysia and venturing across South East Asia in order to create value towards production enhancement.

Ultimately, we envision ourselves to be on par with some of the greatest oil and gas service providers locally and internationally. With our enthusiasm, diligence and commitment, we are working towards the goal with an innovative mindset.

SVP is first a solution partner, second a service provider.


CEO of Setegap Ventures Petroleum (SVP)